Scrapbook of Our 50th Anniversary Celebration

Fifty years ago, a group of amazing people came together and embarked on what may be one of the most inspiring episodes of citizen involvement and cooperation in Asheville history.  Join us as we celebrate their hard work and the dedication of all the members and supporters who have made the Botanical Gardens at Asheville one of the city's celebrated treasures.  In 2010 we offer a first -- an electronic scrapbook -- to chronicle our special 50th milestone:

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  • Annual Meeting
  • County Board of Commissioners Proclamation:
    2010.  Year of the Botanical Gardens
  • Plants Thru the Eyes of a Microscope
  • Pruning the Natural Way
  • Naturalist Walk:  Botany for Gardeners
  • Wildflower Walk at Pearson Falls
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration Party
  • Annual Wildflower Walk
  • Naturalist Walk:  Spring Migrating Birds/General Birding
  • Days in the Garden
  • Naturalist Walk: Plant Identification & Basic Botany
  • Designing a Backyard Wildlife Habitat 
  • Naturalist Walk:  Herbalism/Plant-Based Medicine
  • Tea in the Gardens with Ann Vaslik
  • Garden Science Investigation: Series for Kids Bats
  • Plant Propagation
  • Naturalist Walk: Fern Walk
  • Naturalist Walk:  A Look at Nature: Botany, Ecology, Birds, Insects
  • Passports for Kids
  • Garden Science Investigation Series for Kids: Rot Rangers
  • Invasive and Exotic Species
  • Analyzing Your Mountain Homesite
  • Naturalist Walk:  Birding/Fall Migrating Birds/Ecology
  • Garden Science Investigation Series for Kids:
    Dying Fabric with Plants
  • Planting for Fall Color
  • Volunteer Appreciation Party
  • Naturalist Walk:  Identifying Trees & Other Woodies
  • Douglas Tallamy: Bringing Nature Home
  • Garden Science Investigation Series for Kids:
    Survival Techniques
  • Horticulture Trends


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