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Native species expected to bloom in the Botanical Gardens at Asheville; actual bloom times will reflect local weather conditions.


March, early
March, late:

April, early:
April, late:

May, early:

June, early:
June, late:

July, early:
July, late:

August, early:
August, late:



Note: Most species included in the lists are native to the Southern Appalachians.  Some, however, are alien to this area but are commonly found in ditches, fields, by roadsides, etc.

The bloom list is created by Dr. Lowell Orbison and led to the publication of our book, A Guide to the Botanical Gardens at Asheville, which is available through our gift shop.  The book contains the latest wildflower blooming dates for this area. It serves to help botanists, photographers, naturalists, gardeners and others plan their activities.